Đuđa & Mate

In gentle oasis luxuriant vegetation and the blueness of the Neretva river and its conflurnt of Norin, at the central square of the ancient Roman town of Narona (Forum), at the present-day settlement of Vid, only three killomtres far from Metkovic, there is “Đuđa&Mate” wineshop fish restaurant. It is a harmonious place and a unique combination of autochthonous and modern Neretvian family-run catering, where quests and chance travellers are offered an exquisite Neretvian cusine based on fome-grown organic health food; specialities prepares according to the original Neretvian recipes such as far-famed eel and frog stew Neretvian style (rodetto), eel on the spit, coot, as well as delicious meals prepared in hunters style and on the spit.
Guests and chance travellers can have at their disposal modernly equipped apartments and rooms with abathroom, with magnificent view of Forum, that is greenness of the marsh, a spacious car park, sightseeing of the surrounding area by boat through the untouched marsh and naturals habitats of birds and fish, as well as organised visit to the archeological site and the Archeological collection of the ancien town of Narona.


The remains of the Roman town of Narona, are located in the small place of Vid, four kilometers north-west of the town of Metković, where the Archeological Museum Narona, the first “in situ” museum in Croatia was erected. Built on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the first Roman emperor Augustus, it displays a unique collection of anzique marble statues of Roman emperors made between the 1st and 2nd centuries BC.
The Archeological Museum Narona presents a unique and inevitable destination for all those who love culture, arts, history and archeology.